Wednesday, August 20, 2014

American Netflix DNS Codes Roundup Pt.2

Our other thread was pretty hard to read through the hundreds of comments to find the latest working DNS codes. Here's a new roundup of what's working. You can comment anonymously, so let everyone know what's working and not working for you.

If you don't like constantly finding DNS servers that go out because they're free and thousands of people are connecting through them, we now support Unblock-Us which always works to connect to American Netflix for $4.99/month. We'd appreciate if you use our affiliate link to show them we sent you: [link]

Latest reported working:
Primary: Secondary: - Mexico, UK, Canada - 8/20 (sometimes unreliable connection)
Primary: Secondary: 8/16
Primary: Secondary: - 8/13
Primary: Secondary: UK, South America - 7/25
Primary: Secondary: UK, Canada - 7/17
Primary: Secondary: Europe - 7/24
Primary: Secondary: - Canada, UK - 7/4
Full list:
Primary: Secondary Canada, Europe - 6/29
Primary: Secondary: - UK - 5/21
Primary Secondary: - Canada, UK - 4/15
Primary: Secondary: - UK, Canada - 3/5
Primary: Secondary: - Norway, UK, Sweden - 2/19
Primary: Secondary: - Canada, UK (non-peak hours) - 2/19
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Older numbers:
If you want to search around some more, check the other thread here, or comments below (click "newest"). Lots of people are updating the comments, which allow you to post anonymously; so if there are any working DNS addresses, they're probably in there. We also just started a newsletter for important updates, sign up below:

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Comcast Agent, Technician, and Supervisor Lie About $180 Charge

Some typical "customer support" from Comcast ISP, charging a man $180 for something he can prove didn't happen, with a recording of the Comcast agent telling him he won't be charged. He even plays the recording of the agent telling him he won't be charged, and the manager tells him that "it is not possible to credit" the charges back onto his account. Finally after fighting tooth and nail and getting his refund, he asks, "You're telling me that if I didn't have a recording of that call, you wouldn't have been able to do it, is that correct?" She responds, "Yes that is correct, yes."

And that's how a monopoly works folks. ISPs stay out of each other's areas so that you only have one choice, and that choice can do whatever they want to you. They tell the government that they aren't a monopoly because there is a separate ISP for each area.

The moral of the story: always record your interactions with big companies. When you hear the message that "this call may be recorded for customer service purposes" that means it's perfectly legal to record it, even in "two-party" areas. A great method is given in the video: use Skype to call customer service lines, and record that. That way it's easy to record, and you can mess around on your computer while you wait on hold for an hour.

Thanks Reddit

Update: Another video is going around with Comcast putting someone on hold for over 3.5 hours... until their offices closed. They just literally left him on hold and went home.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Short Netflix Outage - June 29th

Netflix had a brief outage about 1 hour before this post was made, but is working for us currently. If you're ever wondering if the site is down or it's just your home internet, check which sends them regular pings to see if they're up:

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sherlock Season 3 Exclusive on Netflix June 2nd

Netflix has announced that it will be streaming Season 3 of Sherlock exclusively starting Monday, June 2nd, along with 'making-of' specials "Sherlock Uncovered." If you'd like to read more about the upcoming show click the link to Vulture below, but be warned, there are show spoilers if you aren't totally caught up:

Thanks to Vulture

Sherlock Season 3, The Verge

Monday, May 19, 2014

Star Trek Into Darkness Added to Netflix, Not in Search

Star Trek Into Darkness [IMDB][Netflix] is on Netflix Instant in the US, but a search for "Star Trek" doesn't show it. Here's the direct link to watch it:

Thanks to redditor "zoinks_the_miner" for the heads up.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to connect to Netflix during an outage (sometimes)

According to IsItDownRightNow, Netflix has been having more problems today after a brief outage yesterday (I guess they haven't paid the telecoms quite enough protection money yet). Commenters their have come up with a solution that works in some of these smaller outages - just connect to Netflix' IP address directly:

Whenever you enter an address into your browser like "", your browser then checks the "Domain Name Server" (DNS) to see where that domain is located - at what IP address. If the DNS is down, but the server is still up, you can still get there by bypassing the first step.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brief Netflix Outage, April 29th 2014

Remember you can always check "Is Netflix Down?" in the right column. About one hour before this post, Netflix experienced a brief outage and seems to be working again now. You can also ask on Reddit if it's down for other people and discuss whether or not is "the greatest tragedy in the history of civilization."

But at least it's up now.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Venture Bros. - Now in Order

We've seen a few reports here, in the Netflix comments, and on Reddit that the Adult Swim animated series The Venture Bros. was out of order on Netflix. It seems that they've since fixed it though, as the order now matches what is listed on Wikipedia (potential spoilers). We've checked PC streaming, Amazon FireTV, and Vizio smart TV Netflix apps and they all seem to be fixed now. Just make sure that wherever you stream it, the episodes match this order:

Season 1
1 (pilot). The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay
2. Dia de los Dangerous!
3. Careers in Science
4. Home Insecurity
5. The Incredible Mr. Brisby
6. Eeney, Meeney, Miney...Magic!
7. Ghosts of the Sargasso
8. Ice Station - Impossible!
9. Mid-Life Chrysalis
10. Are You There God, It's Me, Dean
11. Tag Sale - You're IT!
12. Past Tense
13. The Trial of the Monarch
15. Return to Spider-Skull Island

Season 2
1. Powerless in the face of death
2. Hate Floats
3. Assassinanny 911
4. Escape to the house of mummies part 2
5. 20 Years to Midnight
6. Victor Echo November
7. Love Bheits
8. Fallen Arches
9. Guess Who's coming to state dinner
10. I know why the caged bird Kills
11. Viva los Muertos! (all time favorite for the Scooby Doo parody)
12. Showdown at Cremation Creek part 1
13. Showdown at Cremation Creek part 2 ("Make way for the Homo Superior!"

Friday, April 18, 2014

NetflixFixer Now Officially Supports UnBlock-Us

As you probably know, a lot of people visit asking about how to access the American version of Netflix from Canada, the UK, and elsewhere. We've consistently tried to keep up to date with the latest free DNS servers available, first in our DNS Codes for Netflix thread which garnered over 786 comments, then in our "Part 2" version so that people looking for updates wouldn't need to read through so many pages of comments for the newest codes; but that thread is already at 687 more comments in the two months since it was posted, with lots of updates as we've confirmed new working codes.

We realize that these constantly changing codes might be frustrating some NetflixFixers, always playing a cat and mouse game with the servers when you just want to watch a show. We've spoken at length about different services you can use to get around country restrictions, including Hola, MediaHint, Anonymoux, and setting up a custom VPN through your home router. Unfortunately, most of these services have let us down at different times after we posted about them. There was a wave of Chrome plugins being bought by spammers which started interjecting their ads into your regular web browsing sites - which is far beyond unacceptable. They also stopped working for the most part as people found out about them - there was a CNN piece about Hola recently, and people have said the service hasn't worked since.

Now we're moving to Unblock-Us.

Being subscribed to /r/Netflix, this site has come up over and over again with positive comments from people sharing what they use when asked about getting around country restrictions. We resisted it at first because it is a paid service (about $4.99 currently after a week free trial), but we finally decided to try it out and it works great. It seems that by paying just a little bit per month, you can get around the common problems with constantly changing codes, slow servers, Netflix not working, etc. It makes sense really - every time we post a free DNS server, thousands of people connect to it and start streaming HD movies through a single connection. It's no wonder it either slows way down, Netflix blocks it, or the admin takes it down. If you filter out most of the traffic with a small fee though, many less people connect to it and it stays up, drawing less attention and paying for itself to remain operational. It just makes sense, so we asked around, tried it out, and are ready to endorse Unblock-Us. Just click the image to the left to get a free 7 day trial, this is an affiliate link that tells them we sent you.

We will still support the people looking for updated free DNS codes. When they're up, we'll spread the word; when none are available, we'll keep looking while we use Unblock-Us for our own streaming :)

TL;DR version (too long; didn't read):
- It's hard to keep up with the latest free DNS servers for American Netflix (though we will still keep updating them)
- Web plugins we previously recommended got bought by spam companies.
- We now recommend Unblock-Us if you don't want to put up with the hassle of constantly finding new DNS servers.