Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mythbusters - 9 Season Summary

Mythbusters Season 9 is in order, despite every other season being missing episodes and out of order very badly. Hopefully the new seasons will be uploaded in order as well! This concludes all 9 seasons that are currently on Netflix instant stream.

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7
Season 8
Mythbusters Season 9: In Order

Mythbusters Seasons 1-9 Stats:
77 Episodes out of order
85 Episodes missing (plus 3 pilot episodes)
17 Episodes in order (12 of which are the in-order Season 9)


Anonymous said...

Its very nice to hear that all future seasons will hopefully be added in order but is there any word on if the missing episodes will be added to the mythbusters streaming

Daniel Ales said...

Why are so many episodes of missing? Some of my favorite episodes are not on Nexflix. Is there any way to get them on there?

Anonymous said...

I hope they fix the others there were some episodes I wanted to watch bot there missing��

Anonymous said...

They still have yet to upload seasons 10-13. They need to get on this ASAP... as well as uploading ALL other missing episodes in CORRECT ORDER

Anonymous said...

Please order saison 10 to 13 !! So nice Show

Anonymous said...

Season Three is missing a ton and those there are COMPLETELY OUT OF ORDER!!!! Please fix as soon as inhumanly possible

Anonymous said...

I really feel like this is a simple fix with the whole "season 1 and 3" thats listed. How can we make this happen?